Kingman Schuldt, Fire Chief
Greater Naples Fire Rescue District

Since the implementation of the Tenzinga Performance Management and Leadership platform earlier this year, the Greater Naples Fire Rescue District has experienced immediate results.  Communication, accountability and transparency have risen exponentially without negatively impacting personnel.  Because of the focus on positive feedback and individualized professional development strategies the membership has embraced the system.  As a chief fire officer for some 22 years I can honestly say the Tenzinga platform is the best I have ever experienced.

Joel Thacker
Division Chief of Administration and Fire Prevention
Plainfield Fire Territory

For the last three years and find that it is the best product on the market regarding performance management. Tenzinga is simple to use and easy to access anywhere. The ability to create tasks, standards, and measurements that are specific to your organization is very important in obtaining “buy in” from personnel within. This is not a “canned” program that you have to try to stuff your organization in to, it is totally customizable to your needs. Examining performance evaluation programs for over a decade, I can say for certain that this program removes the subjectivity found in other programs and will allow your personnel and organization as a whole to reach new heights.

Rocky Garzarek
Fire Chief
Franklin, TN

We use Tenzinga Performance Management system. It is an active online performance management system that allows for constant and consistent feedback to all employees. It is the only objective system we found. It allowed us to customize all position expectations including standards and measurements. It also has development plans that assist in moving employees to higher levels of performance and qualifications for future positions. The Leadership Forms have helped with coaching, mentoring and counseling of levels of our department.  The performance reports (evaluations) are quick and not time consuming because all performance information is already in the system; meaning, you don’t have to think about what happened 11months ago or 7 months ago, etc. it is already there. Our morale has gone up. Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

Dan Munsey
Division Chief
San Bernardino County Fire Department

Tenzinga Performance Management system is a bachelor’s degree in a box. Everything that is needed for Fire Department Leadership to improve their leadership and employee performance is included in Tenzinga. The ability to increase communication, consistency and performance throughout the whole department is what makes Tenzinga a “must have” for any fire department of any size.

Bill Brown
Fire Chief
Brownsburg, IN

I am the retired Fire Chief at Brownsburg Fire Territory. I served in the Indianapolis Fire Department for 33 years, and was a Battalion Chief for that department. Along with my duties as Fire Chief I serve as the Operations Chair for the Department of Homeland Security/FEMA National Urban Search and Rescue Response System. I say this so that whoever reads my comments will know I speak from years of experience.

Before we began using Tenzinga Performance Management System at Brownsburg our leaders used to only look for the negative things their fire fighters were doing. The whole department seemed to be viewing performance as more of a “negative razzing” than looking for the positive from one another.

Since we began using Tenzinga our leaders and fire fighters now look for the good things they are doing for the department and each other. The efficiency and morale of the department has improved incredibly since Tenzinga Performance Management system has been implemented in our department.

Tenzinga is a tool I wish I had years ago as a Chief Officer. I highly recommend Tenzinga Performance Management System for any size fire department.

Gene Konzen
Fire Chief
Wayne Township Fire Department
Re: Tenzinga

Tenzinga has helped us to create a valuable employee evaluation. It is really more than just that, it is a tool that is helping us be better leaders. The fire service is a little different animal since most of our employees work together 24 hours at a time. They spend more time with their co-workers than their families. It makes it tough for a lot of the officers to realize they must be good leaders and document praise to their employees along with documenting the shortfalls. I really feel the employees want and need to know how they are doing. This makes it much easier and consistent for our officers to use good leadership skills. The employees feel they are kept up to date on how they are doing and that when they do accomplish good things they don’t go unnoticed.

We are finding the past three years Tenzinga is making a difference in our department.
Gene Konzen
Wayne Township Fire Dep

Jeremy Pell
Fire Chief
White River Fire Department

To Whom It May Concern:

As Chief of White River Township Fire Department, I have had the pleasure of working with  Tenzinga Performance Management System, since 2012. Tenzinga has provided leadership development training, leader assessment
tools, and the Tenzinga system to our department. The services and software have made a tremendous impact on our organizational culture.

The consulting Tenzinga provided has helped our fire department refocus on our Mission, Vision, and Core Values. The results are apparent in how we interact with each other and the community we serve. 

The Tenzinga tool provides our employees with a continuous feedback tool that encourages leaders to recognize excellent performance and address below standard performance before it becomes a problem.

Additionally, Tenzinga has been an excellent partner with our organization. The staff and team at Tenzinga are responsive and professional. They follow-up regularly and add value to our organization beyond the products they provide. I highly recommend Tenzinga for any organization that wants to go to the next level in leader and employee development. My experience shows that it will have a positive impact on your organization.
Jeremy Pell
Fire Chief

Robert T. Fox
Assistant Chief
Victoria Fire Department
Victoria, Texas

Tenzinga ROI

We have found that Tenzinga has given us a great ROI by producing the following:

Efficiency and Reduced work hours

The automated functions and calculations reduce the time needed to process evaluations by HR staff.

Performance evaluations are completedon timewith greater frequency due to the built-in alerts and frequent data entry practices.

Employee records are completely portable.  Information (performance levels, development plans, goals, etc.) are easily and instantly transported between supervisors at the click of a mouse.

The records retention within the program reduces the need for hard copy storage space and allows for instant access to existing files.

Improved consistency

The tasks, standards, and measurements as well performance levels are clearly visible and accessible for all employees.  There is no question of what is expected and to what standard the expectations are to be achieved.   This results in a more informed work force that clearly understands the goals and expectations of the Organization.

The performance development tools within Tenzinga help ensure our members achieve above standard performance or quickly improve below standard performance.

The Coaching, Mentoring, & Counseling forms and processes help us catch and correct undesirable behavior before they result in the need for disciplinary action.

Rationale for Tenzinga

John Clark

Fire Chief

Delta Township Fire Dept

Lansing, MI


Delta Fire recently went live with Tenzinga for employee evaluations and a professional development platform. The system has enabled us to significantly increase the weight and validity of our employee evaluations in an on-going format with an annual report. Additionally it has helped us develop a better line of communication between firefighters and officers, as well as providing guided professional development opportunities for our employees. I was introduced to Tenzinga at a CPSE conference and learned that it was being utilized by many similar and larger sized departments, with the support of their Unions (all were IAFF).

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